Company news..

  Here’s another great news coming! today our factory got Disney Audit Certificate successfully.

  The benefits of getting Disney Audit Certificate, are stated below.

  First,we can meet our guest’s request. As we all kown,there are many famous cartoon figures  are related with Disney carton caracters and these caracters are very familiar to our customers. Most our customers require to print their orderd products with Disney carton caracters. So,we need to have Disney Audit certificate to fulfill the requirments of our clients’ requirments.Second, one certification can be used to deal with different customers-to reduce the number of inspections  by different buyers at different times.So, this certificate can help save time of both buyer’s and supplier’s and this certificate can help establish bridges between suppliers and sellers easier and it reduced the cost of trust. Third, this certificate can improve the brand image and industry status of the factory.Forth,this certificate can help increase the productivity of the factory and thus increase profits.Since many Disney carton caracters lead the fashion tendency,most our products include daily supplies、cloth、car accessories、household supplies,etc,required to be printed with Disney cartoon caracters.This certificate can help us to do these orders,and  more orders we do more profit we made.Fifth,this certificate can minimize the potential business risks,such as industrial injury or death,lawsuits or lost orders.Reduce the risk of management control, increase the autonomy and self-discipline of complying with local laws and regulations,avoid legal litigation and improve the overall management level and competitiveness.Sixth,improve the production system and facilities,and constantly upgrade, increase enterprise capacity,improve the safety and health of manufacturing, so that enterprises obtain higher enterprise benefits.Seventh,provide ethical working enviroment for employees,attract more high college degreed talents,reduce the loss of high-level professionals and make the enterprise achieve sustainable development.Eighth,establishing international credibility,improving corporate image,enabling consumers to establish positive feelings for the product,stabling cooperation with purchasers and expanding new internatinal markets, encouraging consumers to have positive feelings towards the product.

Post time: Dec-20-2021